Beneath the veiled mysteries of the cosmos, in the shadowed corners of ancient tomes, lies the culmination of my obsessions. Dive deep into the abyss of my hobby projects, where the arcane meets the avant-garde, and where professionalism intertwines with the enigmatic allure of the unknown.

Arcane Endeavors

Within the cryptic boundaries of code and the digital realm, I've summoned projects that meld the boundaries of reality and the uncharted. Explore, if you dare, but be wary of the enigmas you might unveil.

Daily Arxiv Papers Image

Daily ArXiv Show

Dive into a daily trove of scholarly incantations and rituals from Arxiv. Knowledge from beyond awaits.

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Automated ArXiv QA

Automated ArXiv Oracles

Harness the power of automated augury to decipher the enigmatic writings of ArXiv. Seek answers, but be prepared for more questions.

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KonkourEval Project


Venture into the labyrinth of Iran's academic rite of passage, the Konkour. Unearth the secrets and patterns of this age-old ritual, where tradition meets ambition. An arcane analysis is in the making, and the revelations may be both profound and perplexing.

Human Glitch Project

Human Glitch Project